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Vexed Level Editor

Painting: You can create a board by "painting" the blocks. Select a block type from either side of the board, then click the place(s) on the board you want to place that block.
Switch Modes: Click this button to switch from paint mode to play mode, allowing you to test out your board. Click it again to switch back to painting.
Buttons: Click RETRY LEVEL to start the current level over again or switch from paint mode to play mode. Click ERASE BOARD to start painting from scratch.
Submission: Think you have a pretty slick level put together? Hit submit to send it to our severs. If the board is solvable but has some challenge to it we'll make it public, properly crediting you of course. Clicking SUBMIT BOARD will bring up a window allowing you to specify credit and contact information (if you desire).

When done, you can go back and Play Vexed

Vexed is based on the PalmOS game of the same name by James McCombe available at

This game is Copyright 2000 by Peter Postma and can not be used or posted anywhere except on this site unless you have a written statement from the author allowing you to do otherwise.