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The SameGame

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How To Play

Game play is very simple. The goal of the game is to end with no blocks on the screen, or more realisitically, as few blocks as possible. To make blocks dissapear, click on any block neighbored directly (touching up, down, left, or right) to a block of identical color. This will make the block you clicked and any ones of the same color connected to it dissapear. The stack of blocks will then fall to fill the gap. If a column of blocks is completely emptied, the other rows will slide over to the right to fill the gap. When no more moves can be made, an alert box telling you your final score will appear. Undo takes back your last move or redoes the recent undo. Next Game resets the board for your next game, Reset clears the high score, the total game tall, and resets the board. Note: The lower the high score, the better.


Since this program is written in JavaScript, I can't stop you from reading the code. However, this game is Copyright 1997 by me and therefore can not be used or posted anywhere except on this site unless you have a written and signed statement from Peter Postma allowing you to do otherwise. If this code helps you in anyway, that's great. You can take a small section of the code if you think it will help you, just make sure I am credited. I take no responsibility for any unwanted effects due to the use of this program; in whole or in part; as it is intended to be used or otherwise. Overall, remember to just Have Fun!