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Pipe Works

(c) 2000 Peter Postma
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(c) 2000 Peter Postma

How To Play

The object of the game is to keep the water flowing through the pipes for as long as possible. Once you hit the start button you have ten seconds (counted down on the bar below the game board) before the water starts to flow out of the start pipe (the half pipe with water around it). Once the water starts, it doesn't stop. With the exception of the first pipe, it takes the water 3 seconds to flow thorugh a pipe section. You must align the pipes so the water can continue to flow through them. Align pipes by rotating them... you cannot rotate 't' intersection pipes or pipes with water in them. You can also connect pipes around the board. For example if you have a pipe on the top left corner of the board sticking out to the left, the water will continue on to the top right corner, assuming there is a properly aligned pipe there. After 20 pipes have been filled (when the status bar below the board is full) the board can reset, that is all pipes with water in them except the current one will be replaced with empty pipes. Reseting only happens when the the water wraps around one of the edges of the board. Every time the board resets, one pipe section is completely removed. Directing water into one of these empty squares has the same effect as directing it to a square with no inlet. When the water finnaly does run into a section without a porperly attached pipe, the game is over and you are told how long you kept the water running for. To get the whole process started, press Start. To reset the board at any time, press Reset, competely reset by hitting your bowser's reload button. High Score and Total Games are tallied for you. The higher the high score, the better
Since this program is written in JavaScript, I can't stop you from reading the code. However, this game is Copyright 2000 by me and therefore can not be used or posted anywhere except on this site unless you have a written statement from Peter Postma allowing you to do otherwise. If this code helps you in anyway, that's great. You can take a small section of the code if you think it will help you, just make sure I am credited. I take no responsibility for any unwanted effects due to the use of this program; in whole or in part; as it is intended to be used or otherwise. Remember to just Have Fun!