Peg Solitaire

(c) 2000 Peter Postma

How To Play

Game play is the same as the peg solitare game we all has as kids. The goal is to end the game with one peg left, or at least as few pegs as possible. To get rid of pegs, you must jump them much like you do in checkers. A peg can only jump over another peg directly to one side of it into an empty space directly next to that. The peg that has been jumped dissapears. The jumper moves, filling the vacant spot and leaving an empty one behind. To control the pegs, first select the one you want to jump- you will see the peg raise up. Next, click the space you want it to jump to. If the move is invalid, the peg will be deselected. If another peg is clicked when a peg is selected, that new peg will be selected instead. Hit Next Game to reset the board and play again, Reset starts a new game and resets the high score and total games tally. Press either of the alternate board setup buttons, Diamond or Pyramid to play a different board setup. To spice up the game a little more, hit the Setup button to switch to setup mode. While in setup mode, any peg you click on will go away, and any peg hole you click on will be filled with a peg. This allows you to change the board setup however you wish. Press the button again to switch out of setup mode and begin playing. Note: The lower the high score, the better.
Since this program is written in JavaScript, I can't stop you from reading the code. However, this game is Copyright 1997-2000 by me and therefore can not be used or posted anywhere except on this site unless you have a written and signed statement from Peter Postma allowing you to do otherwise. If this code helps you in anyway, that's great. You can take a small section of the code if you think it will help you, just make sure I am credited. I take no responsibility for any unwanted effects due to the use of this program; in whole or in part; as it is intended to be used or otherwise. Just Have Fun!