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(c) 2000 Peter Postma
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(c) 2000 Peter Postma

How To Play

8  -  reorder
4  -  shift left
6  -  shift right
2  -  drop
Press "Start" to start or re-start a game. Press "Pause" to pause or unpause a game.
Goal: You are trying to snag as many gems as possible. When you line up three or more of the same color gems horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they will be removed from the board and added to you gem count. Once you have snagged enough gems, the board will clear and you will advance to the next level.
Control: You can either use the buttons on the right of the screen or, if you have a 4.0+ browser, the number pad on your keyboard to control falling gems. You can rotate the order of the gems, shift the stack left or right, or drop the gems to the bottom. One the gems hit the bottom of the board or another gem, they stop and a new set will fall.
Levels: There are ten levels, each advance will increase the speed of play and possibly add more gem colors or make more bonuses available.
Bonus: There are four bonus gems made available at different stages of the game. Bonus gems are red icons attached to chains. The down arrow will grab all the gems in the stack it falls on. The right and left arrows will grab all the gems to the right or left of whichever row they land in. The X will grab all gems on the board that are the same color as the gem it lands on.
Game Over: The game ends when a falling set of gems is stopped before it can fully reveal itself. In other words, when the board is full to the top.
Since this program is written in JavaScript, I can't stop you from reading the code. However, this game is Copyright 2000 by me and therefore can not be used or posted anywhere except on this site unless you have a written statement from Peter Postma allowing you to do otherwise. If this code helps you in anyway, that's great. You can take a small section of the code if you think it will help you, just make sure I am credited. I take no responsibility for any unwanted effects due to the use of this program; in whole or in part; as it is intended to be used or otherwise. Remember to just Have Fun!